Onar Productions

Film Restoration

Theo Angelopoulos

The Hunters (1977)

Among Theo Angelopoulos’ movies, “The Hunters” might be the most emblematic. It offers a post-civil-war glimpse into the wounds that the war inflicted on society.

The movie has been re-scanned from the original film in 2K resolution and meticulously restored frame by frame to its original condition, just as the great director captured it on the day of filming.

Theo Angelopoulos

The Broadcast (1968)

“The Broadcast” is Theo Angelopoulos’ first complete short film. It is a prophetic movie that serves as a warning to society about the manipulation that the media can cause through the ambitions of a simple man.

Restoring the movie was a formidable challenge, as it was originally captured on extensively reused films. After many weeks of hard work, the movie was delivered in crystal-clear 2K resolution.